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WordPress Blog – Yes, or No?

Contact me for Denver WordPress Design. I have been building and designing everything in WordPress for several years now. There are many advantages to using WordPress format as a base for your web site, and I will cover some of those here. Many people are mislead by the fact that WordPress is a blogging platform. Yes, that is true. But WordPress is much more than that. It can be designed as nearly any type of web site, with or without the blog. The blog, or posts page can be used as the front page, as a news or update page, or not at all.Denver WordPress Design

CMS (Content Management System)

You can easily learn to make simple updates to your own web site. The quality and quantity of the content in your site will have a big impact on the way that search engines react to your web site. With WordPress, you have the option and freedom to do it yourself.

Interact with your Readers

With WordPress you have the option of allowing comments from surfers on any given post or page.

Open Source

WordPress is “Open Source Software”, meaning that it’s free. It is always being updated and improved. Optimized for the current Internet environment.

There are many other advantages and benefits, depending on the type of business you have and the kind of web site you want. Feel free to contact me with any questions.