Website Planning Guide

Website Planning Guide

Start Planning your Web Site by answering these questions:

1. Do you have an existing website? If so, does it need a makeover, or total redo?
2. Is it currently being hosted? If so, do you want to keep that host?
3. Do you have a Domain Name?
4. Do you have a logo?
5. Do you have a budget? If so, how much?


6. Do you have content for your site?
7. Does that content include photos or videos?
8. Will you need content for your site, and if so, what type?


9. Have you planned your TOC / Menu?
10. Do you need text for any of the pages? Is that written?
11. How many total pages do you think your site should have?


12. Have you seen another site you would like to pattern your layout after?
13. Do you have an idea what you want the layout to look like?
14. Have you chosen colors?

Additional Considerations

15. Will you need a Shopping Cart? If so, how many products? Do you need a Database? A Forum? A CMS?

Marketing and Optimization

16. Have you defined your online market?


17. When would you like the site to be completed?
18. Will the site need updates? How often?

Answering these questions will give a good overview of what you need.

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